The Biggest eSports Tournaments and Events for Betting

The esports calendar is packed with prestigious tournaments and events that offer excellent betting opportunities. As competitive gaming continues growing, these marquee competitions provide a focal point for fans and generate huge betting volume. This guide explores some of the biggest and most bet on esports tournaments that both beginners and seasoned punters should be aware of.

Dota 2 – The International

Dota 2’s showpiece event The International is akin to the World Cup of esports. Held annually each August, this tournament boasts record-smashing prize pools from player contributions, exceeding $30 million in recent years. Top Dota 2 teams from around the world compete over two weeks for glory. Why The International is a must-bet:

  • Massive scale – The International is the undisputed pinnacle of Dota 2 competition.
  • Huge betting interest – Enormous wagering volumes on match winners, handicaps, props.
  • Proven history – Established annual event since 2011 with extensive data.
  • Big payouts – Potential for massive payouts on long odds underdogs going deep.
  • Novelty betting – Specials on winning region, player fantasy points.

For any Dota 2 betting fan, The International is the holy grail every year.

League of Legends – World Championship

The LoL World Championship concludes the annual LoL Champions series, crowning the best team on the planet. Teams qualify through regional circuits to compete at this prestigious event held across multiple cities. Key betting factors:

  • Global scale – Teams from Europe, North America, China, Korea all collide.
  • Betting bonanza – Massive turnover on match odds, props, specials.
  • Player bets – Wager on MVP, top scorer, other individual metrics.
  • Evolving odds – Lines shift dramatically across the tournament.
  • Futures betting – Predict tournament winner far in advance.

The LoL Worlds delivers a superb betting contest from start to finish.

CS:GO – Majors

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive hosts two Majors each year – the pinnacle tournaments of the CS:GO circuit. The top teams battle across multiple stages for a $1 million prize pool. Reasons the Majors are betting highlights:

  • Elite status – Most prestigious CS:GO events.
  • Defined format – Swiss format early, single elimination playoff.
  • Betting menu – Match winners, handicaps, correct score, more.
  • Tactical gameplay – Strategies constantly evolving during tournament.
  • High viewership – Massive live streaming audiences.

CS:GO Majors provide a concentrated burst of the highest-level action.

Overwatch – Overwatch League

Activision Blizzard’s flagship esport competition, the Overwatch League, showcases 20 franchised teams across four stages and playoffs. OWL betting benefits include:

  • Structured format – Weekly regular season matches leading to decisive playoffs.
  • Global reach – Teams across North America, Europe and Asia.
  • Personality driven – Betting focused heavily around star players.
  • Prop bets – Player kills, damage, other in-game metrics.
  • Hedging – Chance to hedge bets during matches and series.

OWL’s franchise model provides extensive data to inform betting decisions.

Call of Duty League

The Call of Duty League is Activision’s worldwide professional circuit for its hit FPS series. Top CoD teams face off in tournaments year-round culminating in the CoD Champs finale. Betting highlights are:

  • Headlining franchise – Global interest in iconic CoD series.
  • High betting volume – Match winner, handicap and prop bets.
  • Established structure – Regular tournaments building to CoD Champs.
  • Player prop bets – Wager on leading scorers, accuracy etc.
  • Rapid pace – Quick respawns and short matches enable rapid betting.

CoD betting is fast and furious during the action-packed League season.

FIFA eWorld Cup

EA Sports’ FIFA series gives football fans a digital outlet. The FIFA eWorld Cup is EA’s official championship event for competitive FIFA players. Why this is a targeted betting event:

  • Mass appeal – FIFA enjoys immense popularity, especially in football strongholds.
  • Defined format – Builds from online qualifying to live finals.
  • Market variety – Match odds, game totals, player props, specials.
  • Personality driven – Focus on star players/pros representing clubs.
  • Live events – Spotlight on prestigious live final stages.

Football plus FIFA is a compelling betting combination for punters worldwide.

EVO Championship Series

The EVO Championship Series is the pinnacle event for fighting game esports. Top players clash in titles like Street Fighter, Tekken and Super Smash Bros at this event held in Las Vegas. Key betting factors:

  • Fighting game heaven – Showcase of the genre’s top titles.
  • Open format – Anyone can attempt to qualify. Cinderella stories.
  • Global participation – Players from Japan, Korea, USA, Europe compete.
  • Head-to-head betting – Wager on individual match results round-by-round.
  • Personality driven – Betting odds swayed by star players.

For fighting game bettors, EVO is the ultimate battleground.

Fortnite World Cup

Epic Games’ breakout title Fortnite burst into esports with its massively popular World Cup event. The solos and duos tournaments captivated audiences worldwide. Key betting dynamics:

  • Phenomenon – Fortnite’s meteoric rise fueled betting interest.
  • Cinderella stories – Open qualifiers meant unknown players emerged.
  • Event betting – Wagering focused on overall event, less so matches.
  • Novelty bets – Eliminations, top player/team from each region, other props.
  • Mainstream appeal – Drew audiences and bets from beyond core esports.

Fortnite betting benefitted from the game’s incredible hype and accessibility.

But every major title like Overwatch, CoD, FIFA and niche genres like fighting games contain marquee events to target. Follow the biggest competitions closely and research teams, players and formats to make the most of esports betting opportunities all year long.

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